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Library Resources and Services

This guide will help you use NICC Library resources

Accessing Library Resources On or Off Campus

Remote Access Logon

Discovery Service for Northeast Iowa Community College.

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Some Resources Require

Your NICC library card account requires your 14-digit Borrower ID number.

This number is located on the back of your ID card.  Do not have an ID card?  Follow these steps to get your Borrower #:

  1. Locate your NICC student ID number.
  2. Select your home campus:
    Calmar Students: 23263
    Peosta Students: 25110
  3. Combine with campus number first then your student number. If this is not 14 digits, then add zero's after the campus number.

Calmar Example: 23263 + 0###### then add 2 zero’s after the campus number: 23263000######.

Peosta Example: 25110 + 0###### then add 2 zero’s after the campus number: 25110000######.

If you do not know your student ID number please contact the NICC HelpDesk at:

Phone:  (800) 728-2256, ext. 555


NICC Campus and Center Maps

Calmar Campus Library

Peosta Campus Library

Credit and References

I would like to thank Catherine Webb at Monterey Peninsula College for letting me use her LibGuide template for "Multi Search" information.  Description of Ebsco Discovery and Multi-Search: University of the Fraser Valley, Abbotsford, B.C., Canada  (LibGuide). 

Email:  Phone:  1-800-728-2256 x.253

Northeast Iowa Community College Library PO BOX 400 1625 Hwy 150 South Calmar IA 52132 1-800-728-2256 Ext. 395